Penrose East

1554 16th St. 

Penrose, CO 81240

Hwy 50


Penrose West

404 9th St. 

Penrose, CO 81240

Hwy 115

404 9th St. Penrose, CO 81240

  Office Location

927 State Hwy 115

Penrose, CO 81240

5 X 10

10 X 10

10 X 15

10 X 10

10 X 20

10 X 30

Sizes & Prices


Approximately 100 square feet, this space can hold the contents of several rooms. Example would be an entire bedroom set, a couch and a kitchen table.

It's like a standard walk-in closet. Approximately 50 square feet, example of what this unit holds would be a dozen boxes, a desk and chair, and a mattress and box springs

The size of a one car garage, this space can hold a fridge, washer and dryer, three mattress sets, a dining room table, bookcases, couches and boxes.

Fit the contents of a three to four bedroom house. This 300 square foot space example would be many mattress sets, dining room sets, couches and boxes





Use this space to store the contents of a small house or two bedroom apartment: Example would be two mattresses, two couch sets, a coffee table, fridge and TV.



30ft & under

Over 30ft

Boat & R.V. Storage